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Bishop Roberta E. Moore

Chief Prelate

Overseer Corey J. Blassingame

Chamberlain / Chief of Staff to Presiding Bishop

Apostle Mary A. Walker

Second Vice President

Bishop Dennis Dube

4th Vice President

International Bishop 

Overseer Eileen Marie Blaire

Chief Financial Officer

Overseer Christian Jackson

Presiding Elder

Bishop Lydia Blassingame

General Secretary 

Board of Bishops

Bishop Roberta E. Moore

Apostle Mary A. Walker

Bishop Dennis Dube

Bishop Cory M. Best

Bishop Lydia Blassingame

Bishop Malachi McKenith


Board of Directors

Bishop Roberta E. Moore

Pastor Diane O. Seaman

Bishop Lydia Blassingame

Bishop Dennis Dube

Rev. Dr. Eileen Marie Blair

Apostle Falene S. Best

Overseer Corey Blassingame

Advisor & Voting Member 

to the Board Of Directors

 ~From The Office of the Presiding Prelate~

 Victorious Christian Fellowship International, inc.

 General Headquarters: ~ United States of America~

Grace and peace be unto you from God our Father and our Lord Jesus Christ;

I am thrilled that you have chosen to serve as a ministry partner with Victorious Christian Fellowship International, inc. It is my passion to see God use you along with other fellow members to glorify Him as we serve each other in the Spirit of the organization. In applying skill of hand and integrity of heart in all aspects of our organization, facilities and programs, we ensure that our organization continues making a significant impact in the lives of people for the glory of God.

Each opportunity to serve, offers you a place to belong to a community of individuals who share your passion for the Kingdom as you study the Word together, pray for one another and experience the power of building relationships while using your gifts to impact the Kingdom of God. This website shares with you our commitment to serving Gods children, through love and ministry. We Pray this website shows the operation and spirit of our ministry and our involvement as a organization.If you have any questions after reading viewing our website, please do not hesitate to contact us for further information. 

Thank you for your spirit of servanthood which has truly made Victorious Christian Fellowship International, inc an organization of which God and our ministry partners are proud of. I look forward to hearing from you and praying you saw something on this website that would inspire you to Server and kingdom build. working with you as we “Disciple God’s Sheep to Impact the World.”

In His Name,

+ Bishop Robert​a E. Moore

Bishop Roberta E. Moore

Establishmentarian & Chief Prelate

Victorious Christian Fellowship International, Inc.​ ©2023

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